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Our workshops have been designed to evoke participants’ natural creativity.

The  experienced facilitators teach in a  fun and spontaneous way, adapting to suit the needs of each group. The workshops are active and practical, building confidence in an encouraging environment. 

Duration:  One hour, or by negotiation.



Be a fool. Get laughed at in a good way. Bring out your inner clown with a series of group games that will build your confidence, performance skills and tickle your funny bone. Discover the joy of making others laugh.



These exciting theatre games will have participants creating stories, characters and imaginary worlds in the blink of an eye.  This workshop encourages imaginative skills, spontaneity and introduces participants to the basics of drama. Prepare for some serious fun. 



Bring out your natural singing voice with a series of warm ups, games and group singing. Learn simple songs, harmonies, gain confidence and have fun. Working with age appropriate material this workshop can be tailored to suit all ages.




Song Making

Making up songs is easy! All you need is a chance, some encouragement, some exercises to get you started voila, you will have your very own song! The results are surprising and inspiring.



These workshops can be combined and tailored to suit the needs of your group.